For busy-matches Pacific Rim AU. 

And that was Ross in a box.”

Smith is so gd cute I fucking hate his guts

pls send me bands

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Anonymous: hey hey hey can i ask you about yogs headcanons?

i would say yes but unfortunately i do not have headcanons and don’t really know what they are, i don’t read fanfiction so i don’t really ship people and i’m guessing headcanons have to do with that??? but like u guys can ask anything but this is something i don’t know anything about sorry friend :(((((

Edit: if u wanna talk to me about YOUR headcanons so maybe i can understand then go for it!!!!!!!

Anonymous: You're blog looks really sweet friend ^^

AW THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))


I have called you children. I have called you son.

i’m sure my mom thinks “wow i wish my daughter would stop watching those videos that the boys are constantly screaming in”