Simon, Lewis, and Duncan: *takes 50 episodes to make LASER THAT FIRES FROM SPAAAACE
Simon, Lewis, and Duncan: *takes twice that many episodes to bake cookies and has to hire two other guys to help them out*


i just want to draw really weird shit


Psssst…still taking requests~
I hope you guys enjoy!



Lets just imagine poopfeast 420 saying owned

cutest thinG EVER


The cutest babby ever. (x)


ngl watching boa draw small hoot and little baa on the stream yesterday kinda made me wanna practice lineless stuff so i ended up drawing this while my internet was down

i have no idea why i chose to draw trott in pink swimming trunks of all things or why im even posting it but whatever. watch out world, sexy walrus coming through

Seriously considering skipping my last class to watch hat chat…..

I’m finally watching hat chat. I got here late and have to leave early but baby’s first hat chat.


Ghost of Parvis


Lewis and Simon’s shack from the very first Minecraft Survival world.